Welcome to the Senesterium !

Hello there ! My name is Zeidra Senester, and I am a conlanger for hire. And this, fellows, is the online artist portfolio of my constructed languages and scripts (links will lead you to relevant Wikipedia articles).

All resources on this website are available both in english and in french.

About me

Zeidra Senester [t͡s̬æɪ̯.d͡ʒɐ se.ns'tɹ̩] comes from the german Zeit Drache "time dragon" and the old french senestre "on the left". Bold would it be to assume I'd consider myself as the right-hand man of the Time Dragon, though. I'm just hiding in its shadow, stealthily working on my conlangs.

What led me into conlanging is that I've always wanted to do art. Whichever, but I had a preference for drawing. Unfortunately, I was born with a genetical, progressive neurological disorder called essential tremor. To sum it up, I am a guy in his twenties who shakes more than your grandpa. The only thing left to me was word arts. I'm not a poet, so I became a fanfiction author, and then, after years of studying linguistics and many languages (from chinese to russian, from sindarin to high valyrian…), I became a language creator.

A wise man (or was it a pirate ?) once said that if you want something really hard, you have to take it, not wait for it. And I want to be conlanging all day long.

About my conlangs

The first constructed language I ever created was… long-lost. Let's start over.

The first constructed language I created after those training years was Neholek [ne.k͡xo'lɛk], the Language of Death (inspired by herself). It was supposedly meant to appear in my first novel, but writing it isn't a main project yet. It recently came through a major sound shift that lead it closer to greek. I will mention the first version, but every resources will be about the current version.

Then I attempted many projects, maybe I failed some, but my masterpiece is Aczu Śavnecze ['a.t͡ʃu ɬaβ.ne't͡ʃe], the Song of Ether. It is featured in my fanfiction saga, Entre les Mondes (Between the Realms, french only).

I hope what you'll see here suits you. Have a nice tour !