La Luniwen Orthographies :
Лыніўен, Lü̈niwěn and

La Luniwen can be written in three ways :

  • The only official orthography is using the cyrillic alphabet. Only voiced consonant glyphs are used even in devoiced contexts. The vowel glyphs used for pre-palatalized vowels in Russian are used for closed vowels while the regular ones are used for opened vowels. The three nasal vowels are represented with the iotacized a [ɑ̃], little yus ѧ [ɛ̃], and big yus ѫ [õ]. Else, it's pretty straightforward.
  • The romanization, that is to say the transcription using latin alphabet, is also known as scientific notation. The reason of that nomenclature is that most countries outside the Sino-Russian Union (SRU) are using the latin alphabet for scientific publications, so that international translation computers can parse more easily. It relies a lot on diacritics and +h consonants. The only non-standard characters outside diacritics are ‹ɥ› and ‹ʌ›.
  • At the creation of the SRU, a popular contest had been run to determine the writing system that would have been on use. The idea was using something new, neutral, so that no member of the Union was advantaged. The winner of the contest, a Tibetan script-inspired featural alphabet with a syllabic structure that reads top to bottom (like Korean hangul), was quite arbitrarily labeled as too difficult and used as a way to force the cyrillic alphabet on the table ("You voted for a phonemic alphabet ? We have a phonemic alphabet !" – The Russian delegation).
    Nowadays, the featural alphabet is still in use, but mainly within the artistic community.

(NB : Most resources on this website only shows the official, cyrillic alphabet exclusively)

Below is a full correspondance table. It reads, from top to bottom : artistic alphabet, scientific alphabet, official alphabet, and IPA phonemic pronunciation. Emerald green is onset, hazelnut yellow is nucleus, navy blue is coda.

  y w ɥ m n nh b d g l lh zh v z h
  й ў ӗ м н њ б д г л љ ж в з ъ
  j w ɥ m n ɲ b d g l ɮ ʐ v z h
a e i o ü̈ ʌ ą ę ǫ å ů̊ ʌ̊ ǎ ě ǐ ǒ ǔ̌ ʌ̌
а э і о ы ә ѧ ѫ ӹ ӱ ӛ я е и ю у ө
a ɛ ɪ ɔ ɯ ʌ ɑ̃ õ ə y ʊ ɑ e i o u ɤ
  y w lh d l v h m n
  й ў љ д л в ь м н
  j w ɮ d l v x m n