Nehólek, the Language of Death
   [ne'xo.lɛk]

Neholek (Nehólek) is a "post-human" language, spoken by a secret society of zombies, created in Babylon by the first zombie ever, a farmer saved by Death herself. Nowadays, it is widely spread, and so are zombies. A recently undead girl, the heroine of my unwritten novel, has to learn it to be accepted by the abovementioned secret society, in order to access resources helping her find her murderer.

Neholek is an agglutinative language that lacks a clear distinction between verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs. The words' meaning is the sum of their theme and their role in the sentence, a strict word order ruling that. Its roots are mainly based on Proto-Indo-European, with some from Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek borrowings.

Nehólekizi (Writing System)
 [ne'xo.lɛ.ki.ʒi]

The Neholek Phonology

The Neholek Numbers

The Neholek Syntax

The 16 Primal Concepts

~≈~Sample sentences~≈~

Noktobácini belopsoke.
 .
[nɔk.ʈɔ'ðɑː.ʃɪ.ni bɛ.lɔ'θɔ.kɛ]
night-starful-PL wonderful-very-3REFA-PRE
Starful nights are wonderful.
Kitaneyíhosi ábikabi pániski.
  .
[ki.ʈɑ.ne'ɣiː.xɔ.si 'ɑː.ðɪ.kɑː.ði 'pɑː]
cat-child.zombie-PL everybody fear-3REFA-IMP
Everybody should fear zombie kittens.
Ak notnempelcenke pámemeipsopa.
  .
[ɑk not nɛm.pɛl'ʃɛn.kɛ 'pɑː.mɛ.mɛɪ.θo.pɑ]
if sky-rain-fire-3REFA-PRE walk-very-1S-FUT
I'll run as if it were raining fire.
Pak Elís leko, dolipmóyoca.
    .
[pɑk ɛ.'liːs 'lɛ.kɔ ? ɖɔ.lip'mɔɣ.ɔ.ʃɑ]
1S Elis word-3SN-PST tree-murder-2S
Elis told me that you're going to fall his favorite tree.